Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Weekly Rant

Hello Nobody,

I hope you are all having a fantastic Holy Week. I have spent my days working && cleaning out my house prepping for a yard sale!! It JUST so happens that my Spring cleaning coinsides with this weeks theme on SYTYC which is scraps - because I have ENTIRELY too many of them!

What brain cell within all crafters is fried so much so that we will not allow ourselves to THROW THINGS AWAY! I think underneath our neat & tidy exteriors, there are HOARDERS in us all! 

I have an entire rubber tub full of pieces of fabric LESS than a foot long & considering that I have no idea how to quilt, they will most likely never do me any good. [not unless Emily decides she needs to make 1 million fabric flowers, in which case - I have her covered]

So, OKAY, my name is laura && I am a craft hoarder. But its not a problem, because I have the ability to make AWESOME things with my scraps ... & I will show you my scrap using abilities right after I finish cleaning what will soon be my 3rd bedroom [which is currently nothing but an over-sized storage closet]. Maybe then I will post a picture of what I have accomplished for you to all drool over - something to decorate my new 3rd bedroom perhaps??


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