Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We have been WAY too busy lately! Emily is working too many hours at her real job to dedicate any time to her pretend job [crafting] && Laura is gearing up for a semester in college! We promise to push ourselves harder in the future so as to update our blog [which I dont think anyone reads anyway].

Thrift store crafting was so much fun but this weeks theme of  "Knock Off" just blew my socks off ... literally! Isn't making knock offs what we all want to learn? Dont you want to find that $900 Anthropologie comforter that you just cant live without & make a "knock off" for $30!!! Let the fun begin!

By now you have figured out that we arent going to show you what magical creations we have come up with until after the competition weeks for our season [season 8] of SYTYC is over - we will however, show you what we plan to 'knock off' ... as soon as we figure it out!

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