Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week One - Complete

Well - Its official - I made it through week one of SYTYC!!!! My creation was the 'Piano Upcycle' && I loved it ... almost as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the votes I scored! I am obsessed with using old stuff with a new purpose, so I think my craft was easy to pick out & I was stoked that people liked it as much as they did! Look out this week because my creation is hard to miss - my hubs think I went a little overboard but it was SO much fun creating with a purpose!

In other news - my bestie Emmie has been super busy with some creations of her own! Check out this adorable outfit she made - her first time sewing all by herself ...

She is SO incredible talented :)

Head on over to & vote for this weeks challenge && check back in soon for more wonderous creations!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi There

Hopefully this weeks readers are all 'newbies' to my tiny corner of the inter-web. The So You Think You're Crafty Competition starts this week & I am PUMPED about competing. Sadly, I can't tell you which craft is mine - && being that the blog is so new, you won't find many clues as to which craft is mine! But since you're here ... how about I tell you a little about myself:

I am Laura & I live in a tiny town in Georgia. I will forever be in my 'early-twenties' and am married to the most adorable, sarcastic man ever, Josh. No kids for us - but our sweet basset hound puppy Boss would argue that he is all the child we need. I am an average poor college student and hope to be a high school Math teacher VERY soon. I work part time at an trendy little gift store and spend what little spare time that I have crafting, swimming & playing volleyball with friends, snuggling up with a movie with my honey && spoiling my sweet nieces. I am forever addicted to chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper!

Emmie Lu Designs is a collaboration between myself & my best friend Emily. Since Emily is knee deep in wedding plans, I am competing alone this season - but look out future crafters, once she's a married woman she hopes to dominate the competition on her own.

I have big ideas for this season of SYTYC ... so my fingers are crossed that everyone loves my stuff!

Check back soon :)

<3 Laura

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eeeeekkkkk ...

We are too excited for words! The So You Think You're Crafty - Season 8 audition begins THIS WEEK && Laura will be competing!!! She is beyond pumped to see her craft take on the competition.

In other news, We are completely terrible at keeping this blog updated but will try to do better. && Since we no longer have to hide our fabulous creations - we can actually start to post pictures of our greatness!
.... have you voted??