Who is Emmie Lu?

Emmie Lu is quite possible the most fantastic combination of personalities and ideas on the planet!

Emmie·Lu (em-mi-loo): noun/the combination of two best friends [Emily: Emmie; Laura: Lu) exploring their deep desire to cover the world in glue and sparkles. Self proclaimed "Craft-Pickers" who scour the earth in search of props and supplies to use in their exciting line of DIY Home Decor & girly Accessories.

From way back - when we said we would NEVER wear undies like that ...
... we were wrong!

About Emily: Emily is a quirky twenty-something who is obsessed with moss, twigs, her wedding, and all things labled 'tutorial'. She is engaged and planning the coolest wedding ever!

About Laura: Laura is in love with anything rusty, shiny, old, or new as long as it is free & she can re-make it into a piece of art. She is married to her post-high school sweet heart & lives with her stinky dog, Boss.