Sunday, April 10, 2011

We are SUPER excited ...

We could barely contain our excitement when we finished our audition craft for SYTYC!!! nope - not gonna tell you what it is, it will be our little suprize until after audition voting ends! [its magnificient though].

We went thrift-store'ing yesterday and although we havent crafted with our supplies we were very excited at our finds. We thought we would have to go to every thrift store within 100miles to be inspired but after our first stop at goodwill - we had more than enough ideas! Emily scored some fantastic down-filled pillows she plans to recover in fun fabrics & adorn with fabric flowers & ruffles! Laura found an awesome mirror with a really wide, funky frame she plans on re-finishing & using in her own home!

Still no pictures of our crafts because we still dont want people to know how awesome we are - holding out all of our skills for the competition! I will entertain you with SOME pictures of OLD crafts Emily & I have done ... so you'll know we aren't lying when we say that we rock:

Lets start with laura: she is constantly decorating her home in podunk Georgia. These are some pillow cases that she hand painted a few years ago to spice up her black & white bed linens.

Now pictures just WONT do Emily's crafts justice ... she is AMAZING at drawing & she is SO detail oriented with her crafting. Here is a sillhouette plate she made last fall.

And just think - if we were making cool stuff like that BEFORE we made crafting our part time job - imagine how awesome our creations are now.

..... Im a little too confident I think heehee!

I have to talk a big game - it intimidates the competition!

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