Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Weekly Rant

Hello Nobody,

I hope you are all having a fantastic Holy Week. I have spent my days working && cleaning out my house prepping for a yard sale!! It JUST so happens that my Spring cleaning coinsides with this weeks theme on SYTYC which is scraps - because I have ENTIRELY too many of them!

What brain cell within all crafters is fried so much so that we will not allow ourselves to THROW THINGS AWAY! I think underneath our neat & tidy exteriors, there are HOARDERS in us all! 

I have an entire rubber tub full of pieces of fabric LESS than a foot long & considering that I have no idea how to quilt, they will most likely never do me any good. [not unless Emily decides she needs to make 1 million fabric flowers, in which case - I have her covered]

So, OKAY, my name is laura && I am a craft hoarder. But its not a problem, because I have the ability to make AWESOME things with my scraps ... & I will show you my scrap using abilities right after I finish cleaning what will soon be my 3rd bedroom [which is currently nothing but an over-sized storage closet]. Maybe then I will post a picture of what I have accomplished for you to all drool over - something to decorate my new 3rd bedroom perhaps??


Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We have been WAY too busy lately! Emily is working too many hours at her real job to dedicate any time to her pretend job [crafting] && Laura is gearing up for a semester in college! We promise to push ourselves harder in the future so as to update our blog [which I dont think anyone reads anyway].

Thrift store crafting was so much fun but this weeks theme of  "Knock Off" just blew my socks off ... literally! Isn't making knock offs what we all want to learn? Dont you want to find that $900 Anthropologie comforter that you just cant live without & make a "knock off" for $30!!! Let the fun begin!

By now you have figured out that we arent going to show you what magical creations we have come up with until after the competition weeks for our season [season 8] of SYTYC is over - we will however, show you what we plan to 'knock off' ... as soon as we figure it out!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We are SUPER excited ...

We could barely contain our excitement when we finished our audition craft for SYTYC!!! nope - not gonna tell you what it is, it will be our little suprize until after audition voting ends! [its magnificient though].

We went thrift-store'ing yesterday and although we havent crafted with our supplies we were very excited at our finds. We thought we would have to go to every thrift store within 100miles to be inspired but after our first stop at goodwill - we had more than enough ideas! Emily scored some fantastic down-filled pillows she plans to recover in fun fabrics & adorn with fabric flowers & ruffles! Laura found an awesome mirror with a really wide, funky frame she plans on re-finishing & using in her own home!

Still no pictures of our crafts because we still dont want people to know how awesome we are - holding out all of our skills for the competition! I will entertain you with SOME pictures of OLD crafts Emily & I have done ... so you'll know we aren't lying when we say that we rock:

Lets start with laura: she is constantly decorating her home in podunk Georgia. These are some pillow cases that she hand painted a few years ago to spice up her black & white bed linens.

Now pictures just WONT do Emily's crafts justice ... she is AMAZING at drawing & she is SO detail oriented with her crafting. Here is a sillhouette plate she made last fall.

And just think - if we were making cool stuff like that BEFORE we made crafting our part time job - imagine how awesome our creations are now.

..... Im a little too confident I think heehee!

I have to talk a big game - it intimidates the competition!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Uh - Oh

... thats what we were saying last Tuesday when we discovered how difficult these SYTYC challenges are going to be! We are DEFINATELY glad we decided to practice!

Although we dont want to expose all of our crafts [we have to save them for the competition] we did come up with some awesome finds at the dollar store. Laura settled on creating a ruffled onsie with matching mini skirt while Emily made some fantastic interchangeable hair accessories! Funny thing is, most of our dollar store finds came out of the clearance bin!

Congrats to week 1's winner, the Anthro-Inspired curtain was AWESOME!

This weeks challenge is Thrift Store Finds. Anyone who knows Emily & I knows that we LOVE us some thrift stores!!! I have a few ideas on what I'm going to do this week && I cant WAIT to get started!

Maybe next week I'll finally post some pictures of our craftiness!