Thursday, September 1, 2011

A turn of events ...

Now that the So you think you're craft competition is over, I feel like I have nothing to blog about, haha! && then I remembered that Emmie is getting married in 8 VERY SHORT MONTHS [which I have to type that in all caps so emily can fully understand the magnitude of the situation]. so in a turn of events, we are switching to wedding DIY for a bit.

To complete all of the crafty projects for Emily's wedding, we are bring back 'Wedding Tuesdays'. Basically, on the first Tuesday of every month, we gather together friends and family for a girls night. After luring them in with pizza, soda, and sugar we put them to work on all things Wedding DIY. It is always a blast and we get so much accomplished. First on our list are decorations to hang from the tree's around her reception, table runners, and tea lights. We will post pics asap!

In other news: Happy First Anniversary to yours truly! I must say, everyone warned me that marriage was hard and although they were not lying, the failed to mention how fun it is. I can honestly say that my honey makes my day, every day & I love him to pieces.

Let's leave with a darling picture to reminisce ...
 ... wasn't my photographer FANTASTIC!!!

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