Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Display Light Fixture

Looks like I have posted my last craft on SYTYC :(
I was so busy with finals to even notice! But I am so proud of myself for making it into the top 3 && am so excited to receive my prize for 3rd place :) 

Although no1 else seemed to like my light fixture - I LOVED IT! I think what I love most is that it works as both a hanging light and another fun way to display photos. I was trying to be new & innovative - I thought the goal was to be original?!? I guess it was just a bit before its time :)

Here is my craft from last week:

I love shopping at thrift stores for craft inspiration & other goodies ... I am not ashamed to say that some of my favorite clothes once graced the racks of Goodwill :)  On a recent trek, I scored some funky shaped lampshades and decided they would make the perfect base for my project this week. I also found a cute fitted sheet & a few t-shirts that I shredded up to make some funky flowers. What I created was a funky, fun light fixture for my spare bedroom that I can also use to display pictures! 

I added in the ribbon to add a pop of color && used bobby-pins to attach pictures to the lampshade frame. 

This light fixture was SUPER easy to make & only cost me 

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