Sunday, September 11, 2011

SYTYC Interview

I just realized that my awesome interview never got posted on so I thought I would post it here. I always rock the interview :)

1.Tell us a little about you and your blog.
    My name is Laura & I am a craft-a-holic. I am in love with anything rusty, shiny, old, or new as long as it is free and I can re-make it into a piece of art. I am married to my best friend and post-high school sweetheart and live in a small town in Georgia with my stinky dog, Boss. I am poor college student with high hopes for the future. My Blog, Emmie Lu, was started a few short months ago when my best friend, Emily, and I decided that world should experience our unique bond & friendship. It has since turned into our place to vent, explore, and share excitement. Our dream is to have so many people flocking to our blog due to our greatness that TLC offers us our own reality television show and we become millionaires. As for me, I decided that my magical creations needed a showcase beyond my tiny craft room.

2.How and when did you start crafting?
    I have both been crafting since I was old enough to steal craft supplies from my older siblings. My mother is the “Martha” our my small community, so glue and glitter were always right at my fingertips. More recently, I have used crafting as our escape from reality. There is something quite magical about sitting around on the floor eating chocolate chip cookies and giggling over stencils and splattered paint.

3.How often do you craft?
    I craft entirely too much as it is an addiction. I also get others in on the craft action by forcing them to create magical things for my friend Emily’s wedding such as hand-stenciled table runners and other exciting things.

4.Where do you get your inspiration?
    My inspiration comes mostly from junk. I love to scour yard sales, thrift stores, trash bins, and junk piles in search of raw materials I can re-create into fantastic things. I am also insanely addicted to Pinterest [aka crack].

5.What is your favorite medium to work in?
    My favorite medium to work with varies based on my mood and my findings. Some days I am glued to my sewing machine while other days you will find me knee high in old furniture.

6.What is your guilty pleasure?
    For the few people that have ever read my blog, you know that my guilty pleasure is SUGAR! Nothing is more inspiring than a batch of freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies and the sugar high that follows devouring them.
7.What makes you smile?
    Puppies with wrinkles. Freshly painted toe-nails. Snuggling. SEC Fooball. Happy Babies. Vacation. Brownie batter. A clean house. Funny movies. My Honey. Sweet Tea. Thoughts of the future && memories from the past.

8.What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?
    I love to play volleyball and swim with friends in the summer. I am a major math nerd, has seen every episode of The Office ever created, and cant spend enough time with her adorable nieces. Although it isn’t my favorite, I spend most of my time away from crafting working on school work!

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