Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Photo Board

I can't believe that I won last week! I was so busy with college finals [4 of them to be exact] that I didn't really even have time to check the results all week - so to find out I won was fantastic. Unfortunatly, I didn't make a tutorial as i made this project but I can certainly tell you exactly how I made it :) 

  1. I found this large wooden board at a local thrift store for $1.50 but you could easily use a 1X4 painted in your color choice. 
  2. To create a cute background on the board - cut scrapbook paper down to size & use cute scissors to create an interesting border. Using stick glue, attach the paper to the front of the board
  3. Next, add the ribbon. Cut the ribbon into 6-8 inch strips and drape it across the front in a criss-cross pattern. Using a stable gun, staple the ends of the ribbon onto the back of the board to hold it in place. 
     4. To hold artwork and pictures, I glued clothes-pins onto the top and covered them with       
          scrap-book paper and a bow.
     5. Lastly, I cut out different shapes from scrapbook paper and glued them all over the board 
          to add a little something extra. 

My goal this week was truly to make something that "KIDS CAN DO". I am confident that most children could create this with the help of an adult and it turn out just as cute as my creation. Thanks for voting :) 

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