Monday, July 18, 2011

Knock-Off Director's Chair

I made it another week on so you think youre crafty!!! I am so excited but that excitement came to a screeching halt when I realized that I am towards the bottom in this weeks challenge :( I am feeling a little bummed about crafting because I think my talent is not showing through. My aesthetic is SO much different than the other girls in the competition. I am not a seamstress nor do I claim to be, and week after week - the winning craft has been something sewn! Hopefully I can pull through this week because with Summer Semester at a close I think I can really rock out the last 4 crafts and win this thing :)

Here is my craft from last week:

I love knock-off week - I fact, I knocked off 2 ideas into one project ... eek!!!! I guess the idea of making something that costs BIG BUCKS yourself & saving yourself tons of money is my favorite! I have been dying for some new furniture for my patio & keep eying these adorable director's chairs at Pier 1 for sometime ... Unfortunately, they are $50-$60 a piece plus the cost of the cover ... that is WAY out of my price range! So on a recent visit to my favorite thrift store I nabbed these beauties for $10 for the pair!!! I couldn't just make a boring cover so I found this SuperFancy vintage burlap fabric on Etsy [which cost $149 .... gasp] & decided to replicate it on some burlap I got at above mention thrift store for $1.

&& the finished project [drum roll please .....]

 I must brag that this project only cost me $11! && they look so stinkin' cute on my back patio ... yay!

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  1. I just snagged some vintage director's chairs at a yard sale.....and am now excited...because yours are DARLING!!!!