Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi There

Hopefully this weeks readers are all 'newbies' to my tiny corner of the inter-web. The So You Think You're Crafty Competition starts this week & I am PUMPED about competing. Sadly, I can't tell you which craft is mine - && being that the blog is so new, you won't find many clues as to which craft is mine! But since you're here ... how about I tell you a little about myself:

I am Laura & I live in a tiny town in Georgia. I will forever be in my 'early-twenties' and am married to the most adorable, sarcastic man ever, Josh. No kids for us - but our sweet basset hound puppy Boss would argue that he is all the child we need. I am an average poor college student and hope to be a high school Math teacher VERY soon. I work part time at an trendy little gift store and spend what little spare time that I have crafting, swimming & playing volleyball with friends, snuggling up with a movie with my honey && spoiling my sweet nieces. I am forever addicted to chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper!

Emmie Lu Designs is a collaboration between myself & my best friend Emily. Since Emily is knee deep in wedding plans, I am competing alone this season - but look out future crafters, once she's a married woman she hopes to dominate the competition on her own.

I have big ideas for this season of SYTYC ... so my fingers are crossed that everyone loves my stuff!

Check back soon :)

<3 Laura

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  1. I can't wait to see what you create this season ... good luck!