Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Lesson on Sewing Basics

Ever since my 8th grade home economics class, my knowledge of sewing has slowly declined, and that is a bit of an understatement.  I learned to make a pillow that ended up falling apart a few days afterwards, broke PLENTY of needles, almost ALWAYS got the thread into knots that even the boy scouts would be jealous of, and nearly cost the school a pretty penny by almost breaking the entire sewing machine due to my lack of sewing abilities.  After the nightmare of home economics ended, I decided that sewing was just not for me. 

Until now....

I just wanted to share with you guys how Laura gave me a quick (literally 5 minutes) lesson on the basics of the machine. We were about to leave for our Zumba class, so please excuse the pictures- they were taken on my phone.  She showed me how to thread the bobbin and then also how to thread the machine.  I sewed a straight line on a piece of scrap fabric, just to get the feel of the machine.  For some reason I am terrified of this machine!  Is it just me or does it seem like the needle is inevitably going to pop off and soar into someone's eye socket? 
This is my first needle and thread contact since middle school.  I am so proud! haha.
I will obviously need MANY more lessons on sewing, but hey! You have to start somewhere, right?
Laura (being the amazing cook/baker that she is) ALWAYS has something for us to munch on, so tonight it was chocolate chip cookies. Probably not the best thing to eat before an intense hour of working out, but they were fantastic!

So, now you have seen my mini lesson in sewing.  It isn't much but it's a start! With my busy work schedule, it's hard to find the time for a real in-depth lesson, but I am planning on practicing on my own very soon. My goal for March is to be able to make pillows and fabric flowers.  Next time I will make sure I have enough time to take better pictures and make something cool (hopefully).

By the way... this is also my first time posting anything onto Blogger, so I can also cross that off of my list of "Things to Learn".  Yay!!

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