Saturday, January 21, 2012

a Change in focus

Although I seem to be writing into a black hole of nothing I still find it neccessary to let that 'nothing' understand what it is that Emmie Lu desires to become. A change in focus will hopefully soon propel Emmie Lu into more than just a way to escape from reality and into something that others can enjoy as well.

I know my ideas are worth dwelling upon. The jumbled mess of glue and sprinkles that has accumulated in my brain may be clouding my judgement but I can't help but to think that I would not have been given these talents and ideas if there were not other people in the world who were desperately looking for them. So I change my focus. Instead of throwing my ideas onto a page lost in the never ending world of craft blogs, I will focus on pure creation && then instead scatter my ideas in as many social media worlds possible and hope that I catch someones attention. At this point in my life it is not about the money, it is about knowing that my ideas are valid and that I am not the only one who finds flowers made of yarn and decoupaged magazine pages mesmerizing and magical. I will no longer look at the audience I am creating for & just create for myself.

By the time September rolls around I hope to have found my footings & will go to the Paulding Meadows Arts & Craft show with works of art I am proud to own ... & that people will beg to buy from me :)


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